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Our sports uniforms do more than just covering pads or bodies of our athletes. They’re designed to help them perform better in so many ways. They’re crafted with minimum seams to reduce friction, taylored to follow body’s movements and resist shocks and abrasion to keep players safe during contact or slides.

We used the latest technology, like laser made perforations “Raycuts” to increase airflow and reduce the weight and seeams of uniforms. So it keeps players confortable during summer games in more ways than people could think of. Our jerseys are customisable from start to finish. You can choose different collars, different Raycuts locations, open bottom or elastic cuff, open sleeves for quarterbacks or elastic cuffs for skill players, you’re the technician behind your apparel. Our jerseys are made to last, our fabrics are lab tested so they’re the best blend of durability (Woven interlock polyester) and elasticity (4-way Lycra). Key pressure locations like neck and arm openings are reinforced with tearstops and stress areas, like football jersey collars, are triple reinforced (2 layers of fabric and 1 rigid reinforcement layer in the middle). Sublimation, our print preferred method, is everlasting and will never peel off like screen print and tackle twill and allows the jersey to keep it’s entire elasticity, unlike tackle twill numbers, which make jerseys very rigid, especially if you add embroidered league or sponsor patches.

And the benefits of Ridge Sports custom uniforms don’t stop there. We can do the design you’ve always dreamed of. You can brand your program with a unique design. A tremendous way to make it attractive. That and your coaching talents will make your program the one everyone wants to be a part of. A fresh looking team is an unbelievable tool for recruiting nowadays. Either directly (colleges) or indirectly (high schools). We have several jersey patterns to match different design options.

We’re not done yet!
For programs that decide to join the ship and go full Ridge Sports with their custom uniforms, we can provide you with free posters to announce the makeover and the change of era for your program. Nothing gets players excited like fresh social medias swag nowadays.

One more benefit!
There is no middle men between you and I, so our uniforms are on average twice cheaper than the competition for incredibly better value!

Are you ready to take your program to the next levels?
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We provide football jerseys, sporting accessories and complete uniforms to many of the top sports teams in the USA, the UK and Europe.

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