FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

To place an order contact us through that website with the design you want, the type of garnment you want and your logos and colours.Ideally your logos must be vector format. But HD JPEG can work too.

35 days for first orders (40 days for football jerseys)
25 days for reorders

Yes. 10 days faster. $5 per item for first orders, $4 per item for reorders.

We do single item reorders on most of items. Bur there is a reorder fee per type of item. Whether you reorder 1 ou 100 game jerseys the fee is $5. If you reorder 1 jersey and 1 polo, the fee is $10. I you reorder 100 jerseys and 100 polos the fee is still $10. Some items have a minimum reorder quantity like hats (100) or custom receiver gloves (50).

Yes please download this file below since that is the only one we accept. There are 2 tables. One for garnments with and another one for garnments without names.
Download file

We understand very well English, French, Italian, Dutch and German. But we’re more at ease with English and French.

It is the buyer’s responsability to make sure the apparel they order comply with the league rules they play in. No return after order approval.
Ask about sizing, we can help you.
If a jersey has a defect then we’ll replace for free.

We do, we can give you in case of emergency. But since we’re traveling so much, we prefer email or social medias DMs. We’ll reply within 24hrs. If you get a message at 4am, don’t worry we’re probably across the globe visiting a new client.

Even with our huge success we’re still a young company. We were created in 2014 and are still family ran. So we always have new items. That’s why don’t do catalogs anymore. They became obsolete too fast. All our products are now on the website. Email us to get the pricelist. Don’t forget to mention your country, team and position on the team.

Sublimated football uniforms are designed to stop the fading, cracking, or overall wearing down of the design, logo, and player names. They use a special manufacturing process that makes the entire design part of the material, as opposed to screen printing or embroidering, which are essentially embellishments on top of clothing.

On other custom football uniforms, the logos can start to peel or the embroidery can begin to unravel over time through washing, which means that they need replacing sooner. Sublimated football uniforms can save the team a lot of money over time because they will last longer.

Another benefit to sublimated football uniforms is that the size or number of customizations has little impact on the cost whereas, for other methods of customization, they require more effort and therefore more money. This means that your team could save money once you factor in the cost of adding logos, player names, sponsors, and other design elements.

The best way to keep your jerseys clean is dry cleaning. Bring them to the closest dry cleaner after the game and they’ll take care of it for you.

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly way of cleaning the jerseys here is how to do it.

1/ Remove the biggest stains using spray stain remover and rubbing the jersey to make the product penetrate deep into the fabric and get some of the stain off

2/ Wash as soon as possible. Same day as the game is the best

3/ Wash 140°F (60°C) max using stain remover fabric long cycle with pre-wash

Jerseys can do in the dryer warm temperature (not hot) if they’re pulled inside out.